Training days

“The training events I have attended have been excellent and the trainers very knowledgeable and understand the problems encountered as they do the job. SISRA has made my life so much easier.”
Examinations Officer, South Tyneside School

“The training day was extremely useful for me, being new to my role it has now helped prepare me for my first GCSE Results Day.”
Information Manager, Bolton School

“The workshop provided excellent advice and guidance on coping with the potentially stressful KS4 Results Day.”
Data Manager, Trafford School

“The training day was very informative and took place in a relaxed atmosphere. All the trainers knew the product well and were able to answer any queries. Definitely worth attending.”
MIS/Data Manager, Bury School

“I now feel confident that I will have everything in place in SISRA for results day!”
Data Manager, Manchester School

“The training really did address all my needs giving me the confidence to set up a successful results day with SISRA.”
Assessment Officer, Wigan School

“I thought that the training was superb. It was extremely hands on. Invaluable.”
Data Officer, Stockport School

“Very informative, with a hands-on approach to different situations.”
Data Manager, Bury School

“I never felt patronised, it was fast paced, intelligent and practical. As a senior leader CPD of this quality and intellectual rigor is an increasing rarity.”
Principal, Enfield School

“An excellent productive day, with skills learnt enabling me to carry out my work effectively.”
Exams Officer, Lincolnshire School

“Very good training, found it very informative and it has given me the skill and confidence to use SISRA Analytics.”
Assessment Officer, Peterborough School

“Even though I have been a SISRA Analytics user for some time, it is clear that there is so much more now for me to utilise and features that I can make much better use of. Support and instruction was fantastic and provided by people who have a fantastic understanding of what schools really need both now and in the future.”
Deputy Head Teacher, Dudley School

“A very informative day. Can’t wait to get on and do more!”
Data Services Manager, Leicester School

“This course met all expectations and provided a great understanding of the system.”
Systems Information Manager, East Riding of Yorkshire School

“Training was very informative and was excellent for beginners and more able users.”
Data Manager, Northamptonshire School

“I have found SISRA Analytics relatively straightforward to use without attending any training but the course was well worth attending as it provided the opportunity to check that the academy is making full use of SISRA Analytics and to explore how best to use the different data sets and filtering facilities. Investigating how to access the Attainment 8 and Progress 8 data indicators was also very valuable. I appreciated how the course leaders were able to pitch the delivery to suit the audience and keep all participants engaged by balancing activities with information sharing never easy to do with a class of teachers!”
Assistant Principal, Lincolnshire School

“I was a little worried that I would not understand what was going to be covered, however it was explained in such a way that I felt I understood the system well.”
Exams Officer, Nottinghamshire School

“New to SISRA and beforehand I knew that it is good. Now I am buzzing to get to grips with using it and know it is going to be great!!!”
Deputy Head Teacher, Warwickshire School

“Charlotte was inspirational and SISRA Analytics is so obviously an excellent product I don’t know why all schools don’t use it.”
Senior Teacher, Southampton School

“An enjoyable workshop, helpful tips for Results Day, a good opportunity to meet with other SISRA users and share experiences and knowledge.”
Data Manager, Essex School

“Absolutely worth attending. Although I am nervous about Results Day (as is everyone), I definitely feel more confident of what I need to do on SISRA.”
Data Manager, Essex School

“Educational, very informative, effective.”
ICT Technician, Essex School

“Thorough, enlightening and applicable to our school’s use of SISRA. Full of ideas to take away!”
Assistant Head Teacher, Hampshire School

“Valuable hands on training with specific assessment and curriculum guidance on national changes in education.”
Assistant Head Teacher, Hartlepool School

“Excellent training that is hands on and supportive to use directly in your school. The training was specific and kept on track with what was needed, whilst allowing time to ask questions as a group and individually.”
Assistant Head Teacher, Essex School

“Very approachable training staff, small group size to facilitate individual help.”
Deputy Head Teacher, Hertfordshire School

“Very informative day providing ‘hands on’ experience in the use of SISRA to support school development activity.”
Deputy Head Teacher, Bury School

“An extremely informative and ‘hands on’ day which should help embargo and results day go smoothly!”
Assistant Head Teacher, Dudley School

“Very professional training with really well thought out focussed resources that enabled us to cover a wide range of issues during an intensive day. A very approachable and friendly team in a superbly chosen venue.”
Assistant Head Teacher, Kirklees School

“An outstanding day which opened my eyes to what SISRA Analytics can do to make all our lives much easier.”
Assistant Head Teacher, Liverpool School

“Excellent days training. Hands on experience which was directly linked to what I do on a daily basis.”
Deputy Head Teacher, Cheshire East School

“A data course where you know that those delivering the course understand the school context.”
Vice Principal, Manchester School

“A very clear, informative training day which left me feeling quite excited about learning more about SISRA (I know, I need to get out more!!!!!) Thank you!”
Director of Progress, Salford School

“Very knowledgeable trainers who were happy to offer their help, not just on SISRA but on other data matters too.”
Assistant Head Teacher, Stockport School

“The interactive nature of the course coupled with knowledgeable staff, enables delegates to gain hands on practical experience of how to use SISRA in their own schools.”
Deputy Head Teacher, Wirral School

“This is the 2nd SISRA course I have attended and both have been extremely useful, enabling me to perform my role more effectively in school. Charlotte is an excellent course leader, with obvious expertise in school data, who makes the courses accessible to all.”
Assistant Head Teacher, Cheshire East School

“This focused day has made sure that I know how to use SISRA on results day effectively and given me some really useful tips for making data more meaningful.”
Assistant Principal, Liverpool School

“Great training day which was very timely with results just a few weeks away. Working in small groups was really helpful. Trainers were brilliant and the step by step approach was useful.”
Assistant Head Teacher, Isle of Anglesey School

“Very hands on and practical tasks set which was very well organised. Excellent training day.”
Assistant Head Teacher, Manchester School