Results Day

2017 Results Days

“Thank you very much for all your help over the year. But a huge thank you for today. The speed of uploading etc so much better and easier than previous years. Big pats on the backs of you all. I really appreciate the guidance and help that you all provide at SISRA, thanks again and bye for now.”
Management Information Officer, Staffordshire School

“Awesome software – first set of figures ready for school by 9.30am!!!”
Project leader, Wiltshire School

“Just to say… the service and support that you have all provided, whether it be over e-mail or through the chat function has been absolutely magnificent. If anyone doesn’t use this service, I’d unreservedly recommend it!”
KS5 leader, South Tyneside School

“Can I take this opportunity to say that publishing has been fantastic today. So quick again.”
Data Manager, Warwickshire School

“As always you have been very efficient and patient.”
Assessment & Data Manager, Plymouth School

“Finally can you give a great big hug to whoever sorted the ready reckoner export, it’s literally just export and drop straight into spreadsheet now, made my day when I realised. SISRA has really made my life much easier today so thank you to everyone!”
Data Manager, Staffordshire School

“Stressful day for all but can I just say that SISRA online support have been amazing today. Quick responses and publishing times have been excellent. Thank you SISRA.”
Data Manager, Warwickshire School

“You are all amazing on days like this, thanks so much for being there!!”
Assistant Head Teacher, Kent School

“Your help has been invaluable as always! Thanks so much. Thank you for your patience! I’ve just said to a colleague that SISRA chat is basically another member of our team! Appreciate your help.”
Data & Assessment Coordinator, Trafford School

“Again a quick thank you to you all very much for your efficiency in making the exams results day run so smoothly.”
Management Information Officer, Staffordshire School

“I have had no training on SISRA, just the guide to help so your support today has been invaluable.”
Assistant Head Teacher, Telford and Wrekin School

“I just wanted to feed back how impressed I am with the service this year. I was expecting and prepared for huge delays in publishing time and support, which would be perfectly understandable given the fact that almost every school is accessing the website. However I have pleasantly surprised both with speed of publishing (almost instant) and the quick and helpful support I have received in live chat. Keep up the good work SISRA!”
Examinations Officer, Kirklees School

“SISRA I cant thank you enough – my 5th year of analysing exam results and it has actually been a pleasure this year. My first year was a nightmare (no SISRA, no sleep for days, no guidance from anyone as to what to do!!) Now with SISRA’s guidance I can prepare in advance and then once everything is uploaded SISRA helps with all the analysis!!! AND you set up this group which is also a life saver at times! SISRA you are all just wonderful”
Data Manager, Bournemouth School

“I love SISRA… and their support team… who always deal with me and my panic modes in the best way! Sisra Rules!!”
Data Manager, Coventry School

“SISRA are just brilliant. So much help with mixed grades, EAP’s etc. Always willing to help online with those oh-so-stupid questions. Thanks guys.”
Senior Leader, Hampshire School

“The SISRA team truly are amazing. The system has been brill today. So quick!”
Data Manager, Hampshire School

“I would still like to pass on my gratitude on behalf of our students and staff. The download days have been described by our team as “transformational”. It may sound a tad dramatic but turning an extremely stressful time for people working within Data teams in schools into something they do not dread anymore and actually look forward to is a remarkable achievement.”
Senior Leader, Ealing School

“SISRA was my saviour today can’t get over how quick it worked.”
Data Manager, Havering School

“Thanks to the team for such a smooth KS4 day!”
Data Manager, Isle of Wight School

“Thanks for your help as always. You are all amazing by the way!”
Information & Curriculum Manager, Nottingham School

“Thanks for your quick response – and also the fast upload times for results files. This is my first year in this role, and uploading to SISRA has been much quicker than I had imagined.”
Data Systems Administrator, Westminster School

“SISRA has been fantastic over the last couple of days – made my life so much easier – thank you!”
Data Systems Administrator, Westminster School

“Can’t believe how easy results analysis has been!”
Data Manager, Bedford School

“Can I say how brilliant SISRA was yesterday in turning around uploading and publishing reports. Makes life so much easier.”
Data Manager, East Riding School


“SISRA has taken the pressure and stress for Data Managers on download and results day to a level where it can just be classed as a normal working day. I love SISRA.”
Data Manager, Yorkshire and the Humber School

“I only started in my role as Data Manager/Exams officer in March and so have been thrown in at the deep end. The first time I used SISRA was at results day training! Helen showed much support and gave me the confidence I needed, which was fantastic as I confidently uploaded to SISRA on Embargo Day with no major hiccups. I was amazed with the speed it uploaded. Thank you!”
Data Officer, North Yorkshire School

“SISRA makes results day much easier. We come in at 7am and the results are ready well before SLT arrive at 8am!”
Exams Officer, Nottinghamshire School

“The use of SISRA made exams day an absolute dream to get the results analysis published very quickly.”
Exams Officer, Portsmouth School

“It was very quick and easy to get the results into the system, all problems were highlighted and quickly dealt with. Reports published incredibly quickly.”
Systems Manager, Lancashire School

“We have found SISRA to be a very useful tool in our data analysis. It makes exam day so much easier and we are able to produce accurate figures very quickly.”
Data Manager, Worcestershire School

“SISRA made the exam results period smooth!”
Data Analyst, Oldham School

“Nothing to fault at all – very impressed with the speed of publishing this year over the results days.”
Data Manager, East Riding of Yorkshire School

“Results day (Wednesday) went really well and this was mostly down to the fact we used SISRA.”
Data Assistant, Leeds School

“At 3am on a cold Wednesday morning when I uploaded the results into SISRA I went to bed a very happy man knowing that everything was ‘crunched’ and that SLT were going to be very happy come 7am. As always a brilliant service.”
Data Manager, Stockton-on-Tees School

“Outstanding in every category! Simple to navigate; drilling down to departments, students, teachers has never been so easy or quick. Cannot commend SISRA highly enough.”
Deputy Head Teacher, Bexley School

“Outstanding. All staff had instant access to their data without even having to be in school. Instant summary and the ability to follow immediate data trails is such an improvement on our old home-grown Excel sheets. I am delighted with every aspect of the SISRA product, support and the impact for us is huge. Many thanks.”
Deputy Head Teacher, Bury School

“Thank you! Life in the data team has definitely got easier since we started using Analytics – I’m almost looking forward to results days this year!”
Data Manager, Calderdale School

“SISRA Analytics is excellent on results day. Thank you for all the support and help you have given me over the last 18 months.”
Data Manager, Southend on Sea School

“I love SISRA Analytics, it has made data analysis a lot easier and saved loads of time on exam results day.”
Data Manager, Kirklees School

“The Webinars and video tutorials have been invaluable when I’ve been getting data ready for results day.”
Data Administrator, Staffordshire School

“SISRA Analytics makes analysis so much quicker & easier – I would hate to be facing a results day without it!”
Data Manager, Bracknell Forest School

“It is comforting at this stressful time to know that results day will be in safe hands!”
Data Manager, Isle of Wight School