Our service

“The system itself is great – minimal training required. Navigation is very intuitive – teachers are showing other teachers how to use it. Administration is very simple.”
Data Manager, Cambridgeshire School

“Overall I have been delighted with the level of customer service as well as the overall package. I find everything very user friendly. Your ‘techy’ chaps respond very quickly to DfE changes and launch timely amendments. Overall I’m one happy bunny!”
SIMS & Exams Manager, Southampton School

“Excellent service, absolutely blown away with the speed improvements since results 2015”
Data & Exams Manager, Wakefield School

“Definitely an asset to our Data and Reporting department – saves a great deal of time and energy! Thank you SISRA!!”
Data Manager, Telford and Wrekin School

“SISRA has enabled us to upload and analyse our data quickly and efficiently. The help sections including webinar’s and checklists have been really useful along the way.”
Data & Attendance Assistance, Southampton School

“SISRA has helped us to become a much more efficient Data Team over the last couple of years and the reports have definitely kept up with DfE changes.”
Data Manager, Nottinghamshire School

“SISRA are very customer focused and efficient.”
Data Administrator, Warwickshire School

“Great tool, good help sections and online chat. Very satisfied indeed.”
Examinations Officer, Wiltshire School

“SISRA Analytics is fantastic. It’s done all the hard work crunching numbers and analysing the data. It saves me loads of time and I can get on with other tasks. I have found the Support team very helpful and knowledgeable. I can’t THANK YOU ENOUGH! Keep up the good work!!”
Data Manager, Derby School

“SISRA has been a very useful analysis tool for us as a school. Allowing a depth of analysis we have not had previously and allowed staff at all levels to interrogate the data.”
Senior Assistant Principal, Devon School

“SISRA Analytics has been a massive success, streamlining our data analysis and opening the world of student data to the whole staff body in an easy to use and understand framework. Fab!”
Assistant Head Teacher, Essex School

“SISRA is life changing for Data Managers and staff alike.”
Data Manager, Hillingdon School

“SISRA has reduced my workload and allows SLT to be more hands on when looking at data.”
Data Manager, North East Lincolnshire School

“Brilliant – saved so much time. No more endless spreadsheets and formulas.”
Exams Officer, Birmingham School

“As an Assistant Head who has recently taken over the Data Role I have found SISRA to be a fantastic tool. The courses I have attended and the online help has also been first rate.”
Assistant Head Teacher, Lancashire School

“SISRA Analytics has made our ability to track, monitor and intervene with students significantly easier and faster than ever before. Staff are able to have ownership of the data for their own groups, and take action more quickly; while senior leaders have robust and comprehensive discussions with subject leaders on a regular basis to ensure that everything possible is being done to support students. SISRA is a development-minded organisation that is constantly adapting to the new demands placed upon them and ensure that schools achieve the best value for their money.”
Associate Head Teacher, North Yorkshire School

“Can’t imagine LWS – Life without SISRA. Prone to bang on about it to anyone who shows a vague interest (and sometimes to those who don’t). Always someone friendly and ready to listen to your problem however “daft” it may be – and always able to sort it. Teachers are all on board with it and feel secure using it.”
Data Manager, Bristol School

“Thanks again to you and everyone at SISRA. The constant improvements that you make really do make data more accessible, interesting and meaningful to all staff, not just the ‘data geeks’.”
Data & Assessment Manager, Kirklees School

“Forward thinking team always looking for ways to improve and take the stress out of data & exam analysis.”
Data Manager, Cheshire East School

“The service I have received from SISRA over the past two years has been exceptional.”
Exams Officer, Cheshire East School

“The service and support from SISRA has been immense. The level of guidance, the increasing use of social media and the developments in the software are all making SISRA a real bonus – it is like having an extra member of SLT!”
Assistant Head Teacher, North Yorkshire School

“It is amazing – SISRA Analytics has completely changed how we use data in our school, from target setting to self-review. Faculties can self-evaluate with rigour and confidence.”
Senior Leader, Staffordshire School

“I have been delighted with SISRA Analytics it has transformed my life, now I can do other things and not take hours inputting data etc. It has made a huge difference to my staff and their understanding of data and how it should impact on their teaching. I can say unreservedly that getting SISRA has been one of the best initiatives that I have ever driven!”
Assistant Head Teacher, Hampshire School

“Great service, very professionally delivered!”
Director of Intervention, Somerset School

“SISRA Analytics is an excellent system. The documentation is excellent and very easy to follow. Webinars provide excellent up to date information and well thought out preparation for procedures to complete. The workshops are certainly value for money with all of the training and information received. The look and feel of the SISRA screens are very user friendly.”
Data Manager, North Tyneside School

“Keep up the good work and continue to improve a great product. Having been in this game now for many years there is nothing else that comes anywhere near competing with SISRA Analytics!”
Data Manager, Hertfordshire School

“We’ve been on board for about 6 months now. I am pretty much self-taught, using the documentation that you provide. Any issues I have not been able to work out have been dealt with by your support teams very quickly and in a very friendly manner.”
Data Manager, Bradford School

“SISRA Analytics makes my job much easier. Analysis that would take hours in Excel, takes minutes to upload to SISRA Analytics, and I am able to spend the time I would be number crunching to do other jobs.”
Data Manager, Liverpool School

“Really appreciate the time you guys take to help make our jobs easier. Can always rely on SISRA to ensure the government changes are reflected in results and keep everyone in the loop. The DataMeets and Facebook page etc. go beyond expectations; suddenly a very lonely job has become one with lots of people to talk to!”
Data Manager, Essex School

“A very satisfied customer, I have recommended you to many of my fellow Data Managers and I know many of their schools are now joining the SISRA family.”
Data Manager, Stockport School

“SISRA Analytics has revolutionised our data analysis by allowing teachers, faculty leaders and SLT easy access to assessment data and analysis.”
Data Manager, Cumbria School

“It is a brilliant product with a brilliant team of people on hand to help – don’t know what I’d do without it!!!”
Data Manager, Rotherham School

“SISRA Analytics does a fantastic job and the SISRA staff can’t do enough for you!”
Data Manager, Leicester School

“The life of a Data Manager is better with SISRA Analytics in it!”
Data Officer, Cheshire East School

“A lifesaver! SISRA Analytics provide a brilliant service and are only too willing to listen to schools about their needs.”
Systems Manager, Sunderland School

“We feel SISRA Analytics is an excellent product and are confident that you are continually striving to add to and improve the software’s functionality. Well done!!!”
Data Leader, Gloucestershire School

“SISRA Analytics has made my life so much easier. I’m not an excel wizard so calculations for analysis were a nightmare for me! The team are always helpful.”
Data Manager, Nottinghamshire School

“I love this program. As Data and Exams Manager it helps my role immensely. The system is so easy to use and the data it produces are so extensive.”
Data and Exams Manager, East Sussex School

“In 30 years working with IT companies, large and small, for off-the-shelf and bespoke packages, SISRA Analytics is by far the best package and the best support team I have ever come across. Thank you!!”
Data Manager, Hertfordshire School

“SISRA Analytics still amazes me every time I use it! I continue to find something else that helps me in my role as Deputy Head (student progress)”
Deputy Head Teacher, Cornwall School

“We are delighted with the impact SISRA Analytics has had on standards of data usage in our school.”
Assistant Head Teacher, Caerphilly School

“Thanks for SISRA Analytics – it’s a credit to the team who produced it, and is well represented by your Consultancy team.”
Data Manager, Manchester School

“SISRA Analytics has been transformational in enabling our staff to engage directly with data in a system that is open, easily accessible from anywhere and intuitive to use. It has been excellent value for money. The addition of transition matrices was excellent.”
Vice Principal, Milton Keynes School

“Using SISRA Analytics has freed up so much of my time (not developing Excel spread sheets) that I can provide initial analysis to SLT and middle leaders, rather than just crunching the numbers.”
Data Manager, Northamptonshire School

“An excellent product that gives us in-depth analysis at the touch of a button.”
Assistant Head Teacher, Sandwell School

“Since moving to SISRA Analytics, the teaching staff have been much more engaged with the data as they find it much easier to use and understand, so has been a very positive move.”
Assessment Co-ordinator, West Sussex School

“SISRA Analytics is brilliant. The look, the feel and the ease of use is just great. From an Admin point of view the system guides you through easily. The team you have is excellent, friendly, helpful and very knowledgeable and nothing is too much trouble. Your team is very approachable and we always enjoy the data meets in various locations. I would definitely recommend SISRA Analytics to every school and do not know how we managed before it!”
Data Manager, Wirral School

“SISRA makes analysing Progress data a joy!”
Data Manager, Ealing School

“As the DfE are ever changing methodologies etc., we are extremely impressed at the speed in which SISRA addresses and uses new guidance. Also the receptiveness of the team to adapt systems to meet our needs whenever possible.”
Data Analyst, Newcastle Upon Tyne School

“All in all the service and data provided is excellent. Using SISRA Analytics everyday has made my daily data routine efficient and reliable.”
Data Assessment Manager, Lancashire School

“I love SISRA!!!”
Deputy Head Teacher, Staffordshire School

“I love SISRA Analytics. As a Data and Exams Manager it makes my life so much easier. The staff love it because they can have the analysis they want without waiting for me to do it for them or having to correct what they attempted to do for themselves! SISRA Analytics is a Data Manager’s dream.”
Exams/Data Manager, Kent School

“Your services are invaluable, you have my sympathies trying to keep up with changes (“updates”) from the DFE but you manage this admirably :)”
Data Analyst, Somerset School

“As a Data Manager, I have found SISRA Analytics has been a lot quicker and straight forward than exporting the information to Excel and then working out analysis. The reports are instant and clear to use. I would most definitely recommend SISRA Analytics to other schools.”
Data Manager, Isle of Anglesey School

“Extremely satisfied with SISRA Analytics and would definitely recommend it to others. Wear my ‘I Love SISRA’ Badge with pride.”
Data Manager, Lancashire School

“Service is excellent and product is excellent. It saves me time and SLT and teaching staff find it easy to use.”
Data Manager, Central Bedford School

“SISRA Analytics is an excellent tool to inform all levels of teachers in the school re the performance of our students, help with intervention, planning lessons and many more.”
Assistant Head Teacher, Cornwall School

“SISRA Analytics is the best product out there for school data analysis without question. Everyone is incredibly supportive, helpful and willing to listen to ideas and suggestions. You’re always on-the-ball as far as performance measure changes are concerned and the help guides are superb. Whenever anyone asks about analysis packages, you’re always at the top of my list without fail.”
Data Manager, Cheshire East School

“In the words of last year’s campaign ‘I Love SISRA’”
Data Manager, Bradford School

“SISRA is a wonderful piece of software that has made my working process a whole lot easier! I look forward to continued use of the service and any further improvements or additions to the analysis tools are highly welcomed”
Support Staff, Trafford School

“An amazing analysis tool, I don’t know what I would do without it. All staff are friendly and extremely knowledgeable.”
Data Manager, Leicester School

“Love it! And would not be without it now!!!”
Teaching Staff, Warwickshire School