“In our last OFSTED inspection, SISRA enabled us to have ANY piece of data they requested within seconds. They were very impressed and we were very happy with our outcome. Prior to having SISRA, trying to manually calculate data took hours and we could only dream of having the statistics that are available to us now.”
Data Manager, Lancashire School

“SISRA remains for me an excellent place to hold our school assessment data. During a recent Ofsted it was so easy to access information required. It is an excellent place to hold and analyse data.”
Data Manager, Oxfordshire School

“Excellent! We wouldn’t have got through our recent Ofsted Inspection without SISRA – having all the information at the click of a button was invaluable – and we were able to show that our data was improving year-on-year – we were taken out of Notice to Improve!!!”
Deputy Head Teacher, Stoke-On-Trent School

“We would like to thank everyone at SISRA for all the support they have provided to get us up and running. SISRA has already had a very significant impact on how reliable our early analysis is on our new results. It also gives us confidence for our upcoming Ofsted.”
Assistant Head Teacher, Norfolk School