SISRA welcomes Claire Spencer

November 17, 2015

Claire began working as a Data Manager in a large, failing secondary school in 2005. During her 10 years with the school, she was responsible for setting up and managing all data systems, and quickly became an expert in using SIMS. She introduced SISRA to the school in 2011.

She was responsible for training staff in the effective use of data and SISRA Analytics and is proud that staff were proficient enough in the use of this to enable the school to have paper-free Results Days. The school is now judged outstanding by Ofsted – at a recent inspection, the school’s systems to ensure the rigorous collection, analysis and use of student performance data were described as ‘exceptional’.

Claire was part of the first cohort nationally to gain the SSAT National Data Managers Award. Claire joined the Consultancy Team at SISRA in 2015 and is looking forward to supporting different schools across the Midlands.