Setting up SISRA Analytics

  • How do you get our data?

    You upload all data directly into SISRA Analytics. Most schools use Excel as a staging post between their management system (SIMS/CMIS etc.) and SISRA Analytics.

  • Do we need to install anything at our school?

    No. SISRA Analytics is a web-based application. All you need is internet access.

  • Do we need to manually input our student data onto your system?

    No. We don’t believe in forcing you to duplicate work. You already have all the data we need within your school computer systems and so you can simply upload your student data as a CSV file via Excel.

  • How many users can we have?

    You may have as many users as you wish. We actively encourage you to add every single teacher as a user so that they may easily analyse performance at their leisure. The amount of users has NO IMPACT on the cost of the service.

  • How quickly can we upload our data?

    We are unable to give a definite time frame for you to have your data uploaded as this depends on your SISRA Administrator’s data experience. We know that some schools have had their data uploaded and available for analysis within the hour while others have taken a little longer. We have plenty of online help to get you started including video tutorials, getting started guides and full access to our highly commended online live support team.