Whole School Faculty & Staff Reports

The SISRA Observe Reports are visual and clear, making all of the key information just a couple of clicks away, regardless of your responsibility within the school or your point of focus.


The Summary report gives an overview at whole school level, with the ability to filter on a number of characteristics such as length of service and pay scale. Having all information in one place allows Head Teachers to quickly provide key data for inspections, governors and other stakeholders.

Reports can be filtered by any of the following combinations to provide detailed and specific reporting to meet your school’s needs

  • Faculty, subject and staff. For example, the English faculty, a subject within a faculty such as History, or an individual staff member
  • Staff characteristics which could include fields such as; length of service, pay scale, role, CPD groups, NQTs, trainees. These fields are fully customisable to suit every setting
  • Year group
  • Observer; to investigate whether all observers are arriving at outcomes in a consistent way
  • Purpose type; choose from the built in types or create custom ones to reflect school terminology
  • Outcome sets; 1-4 rating, Yes and No scale or a custom set of outcomes
  • Date; choose a custom reporting window, academic year or a start and end date in order to evaluate teaching and learning over time

Focus Areas

View focus area outcomes for all teaching and learning activities, bringing together evidence from multiple sources. For example, where behaviour has been observed in a variety of ways (in formal lesson observations, learning walks and drops ins), the reports consolidate the information, presenting it clearly and visually in charts and tables.

In this example, we have chosen to drill down on Behaviour, choosing all instances where ‘Outstanding’ practice has been observed. This generates a report which shows a list of observations and staff who meet this criteria. This selection could be narrowed further using Year Group or Staff filtering, then exported and shared with colleagues.
Focus Areas

This kind of analysis allows schools to identify their best practitioners across the range of focus areas observed in as part of a teaching and learning cycle but the reverse could also help identify those staff requiring support.


Customisable permissions to enable administrators to assign detailed permissions for individual members of staff. For example, this screenshot shows how a middle leader for English might be set up.

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