How can Observe help you?

All Staff

* Record evidence (lesson observations, book reviews, learning walks, drops ins and more) electronically in real time using a laptop or mobile device
* Support and evidence for Performance Management and PRP processes
* Reduce reliance on paper and spreadsheets

Senior Leader

* Single point of entry for recording evidence, removing the ‘write up’ and subsequent data entry to spreadsheets
* Up-to-date, in-depth analysis at whole school, faculty and class teacher level
* See whole school overview on the dashboard including filters for staff characteristics and trends over time
* Allow Head Teachers to quickly provide evidence for inspections

Middle Leader

* See faculty data in one easy-to-use report
* View records for all members of staff you line manage
* Identify strengths and weaknesses across your faculty to help provide support for staff

Class Teacher

* Access a real-time, secure record of all observations and self-evaluation
* Export observation records for performance management file or take to another school if you move on
* Record a variety of reviews including peer-to-peer observations, coaching and perform joint observations