The affordable, web-based platform that cuts down on admin and helps you focus on what really matters.

With Sisra Observe you can quickly record and analyse all your OTLA, appraisals and self-evaluations – plus developmental activities like CPD records, research and enquiry projects. Analysis is done for you and presented in a range of user-friendly charts and tables so you can identify strengths and areas for development at a glance, giving you the power to make informed decisions about where to focus CPD time and spend.

Sisra Observe also makes it really easy to show Ofsted inspectors the impact of teaching and learning across your whole organisation – simply log in and get a complete overview, helping to make those stressful few days a little easier.

Key Features
Personalised Dashboard Flexible Permissions Resource and CPD Library Task Tracker Detailed Analysis Web-based Fully Supported
Personalised Dashboard

Personalised dashboard makes it easy for staff to get a clear overview of the information they need.

Flexible Permissions

Flexible permission levels and GDPR compliance means no security headaches for you. Records are shared with who you choose, when you choose – keeping everything safe and secure.

Resource and CPD Library

Share examples of best practice, lesson plans, links to helpful resources or training, and much more.

Task Tracker

Create and view follow-up actions and next steps. Better than Post-its or emails!

Detailed Analysis

See detailed analysis in the form of user-friendly reports, tables and charts. Filter to the specifics you want to see at the touch of a button.


Sisra Observe is web-based, so it’s accessible anywhere, anytime, on any internet-connected device, choose what works for each of your users. That also means no software installation!

Fully Supported

Comprehensive help section full of resources to guide you every step of the way. Plus Admins can chat with our lovely support team during office hours.

Choose one platform for your whole quality assurance cycle and lighten your workload.

Why have documents hidden away in lever arch files or saved across multiple shared drives when you can keep everything in one place, accessible at the touch of a button?

  • See an overview of performance and development across the whole organisation.
  • Delivery staff and managers only see information relevant to them and their role on a personal dashboard.
  • Staff can view and engage with their feedback, reflect on their practice.
  • Clear, intuitive reports mean easy identification of strengths and areas of improvement.
Made for you

Whatever your approach, from graded to ungraded, Sisra Observe supports you, so there’s no need to change the good stuff you do.

  • Build your own customisable templates and do things your way.
  • Easily define your own outcomes, mirroring your organisation’s values.
  • Collect the information for the areas you want to focus on as well as meeting Ofsted requirements.
Edtech for everyone

Featured in the Edtech 50 Yearbook, we pride ourselves on education technology that’s designed to be used, not to confuse! Sisra Observe makes it easy for everyone to take charge of their professional development.

  • Simple, intuitive interface means little to no training for staff.
  • Optimised for remote and on-the-go observations on mobile or tablet.
  • Accessible on any internet-connected device.
  • Observer and observee can be in different places.

The key drivers for me are transparency and efficiency. Sisra Observe allows us to track specific trends within each observation type, which quickly informs us what our key strengths and areas for improvement are, allowing us to plan CPD, support and share best practice.

Clare Fielding
Quality Manager at Mantra Learning
How can SISRA Observe help you?
SLT & Heads of Quality
Heads of Department & Team Leaders
Delivery Staff
  • Track staff performance with easy-to-follow reports and charts.
  • Find the specific information you need quickly with multiple filter options to view your data by date period, department, team, staff member, etc.
  • Quickly see strengths and areas for development to provide bespoke CPD where it’s needed most.
  • Centrally store records – takes the stress out of Ofsted inspections as all your observation information is readily available in one secure online service.
  • Encourage and promote reflective practice.

How much does SISRA Observe cost?

For less than the price of a cup of coffee for each staff member per month, you can provide them with a web-based platform dedicated to their professional development. You’ll save even more money by removing paper and files from your processes, not to mention the time you’ll win back which previously would have been lost to printing, filing and the dreaded data entry. Our users report saving up to an hour of time for EVERY observation.

Simply get in touch, let us know how many employees are in your organisation and we’ll come straight back to you with a no-obligation quote. We also offer a 21-day trial period which allows you to use Sisra Observe in full, risk-free.

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