Originally from Scotland, Sandra left her operations manager role with the Halifax when she and her family moved to Essex in 2007. With sixteen years of data management in banking behind her, Sandra put this to use when she joined a local secondary school as their Data Manager in 2010. The school became SISRA online customers in 2011, and Sandra was quickly impressed at both the efficiency and effectiveness of the system. A firm believer that accurate assessment data and challenging targets provide the basis for sound intervention, she encouraged and trained staff in the best use of Facility, Go 4 Schools and SISRA as a powerful means to maximise student and school results. Sandra was delighted to join SISRA as a Data Consultant in 2018, expanding the consultant presence in the South East of England.

“From the pre-planning to on the day, Sandra exceeded our already high expectations of what we could get out of such a session. In addition it was a pleasure to spend the time with her – her enthusiasm and work rate is phenomenal!”
Data Manager, Hertfordshire

“Sandra was lovely and really focused on the key areas which we were struggling with. She was very knowledgeable and has the patience of a saint!!! Overall I was super pleased with the day and was able to implement some of the actions across the other schools within our group.”
Data Manager, Reading

“Sandra was a fantastic help to us – excellent communication before the sessions to help us get the most out of it. Very supportive and knowledgeable and we all thoroughly enjoyed our days training. Thank you very much.”
Assistant Headteacher, Essex

“Having spoken to some of the members of staff that attended the training, they have all said how useful the training was and that they will now be able to use SISRA more effectively. The health check that was provided before the training was very effective and allowed me to touch up our system and make the improvements, thank you. We understand that because of the way that we needed the sessions to be run it would be tight to do so in the session time, so thank you for being able to make adaptations. We are going to look at the possibility of running more in-depth sessions with certain groups of staff, so if we do, we will be in touch. Thank you again for the fantastic training consultancy.”
Data Manager, Southwark

“Sandra was fabulous from start to finish. Highly knowledgeable.”
Assistant Headteacher, Hertfordshire

“Sandra was wonderful , extremely helpful and just amazing even after my training ”
Assistant Headteacher, West Sussex

“I found Sandra a very enthusiastic and helpful person and someone I feel I can approach in the future if I have any problems. It was a pleasure to work with her.”
Data Manager, Hampshire