Kate’s previous roles have given her seven years’ experience of working in data management. Before working in education, Kate supported and trained clinical and non-clinical healthcare staff using information systems across Liverpool Community Services. She would travel between different healthcare centres, hospitals and prisons ensuring the accuracy and consistency of the data being recorded. In 2010, Kate moved into a role in education as an Exams Officer and Data Manager where she gained further experience of managing data and multiple spreadsheets before becoming a SISRA user herself. She was solely responsible for streamlining the tracking processes within her school. She improved the quality of the data recorded in school by facilitating behavioural change and encouraging and training staff to use both SIMS and SISRA. Kate has experience of working closely with Senior Leadership Teams and Heads of Department and understands the effectiveness of data within education.
Kate has recently completed and passed the Ordinary Certificate in Statistics with the Royal Society of Statistics.

“We are very grateful for the speedy response to our request which was at short notice. Kate quickly understood our needs and spent the day with my colleague completing the required data analysis and training. We are delighted with the analysis she was able to produce at the end of the day.”
Data Manager, Wirral 

“Kate was fantastic when helping me set up SISRA from scratch. She was a great help in areas where our School structure on SIMS did not match up with what needed to be uploaded to SISRA. Kate gave me a great “foot up” to starting to use SISRA.”
Data Manager, Bradford 

“Having the training in house, allowed us to use live data, and made the process real. Kate was very clear in her delivery. We were able to ask questions throughout the day and Kate was able to answer any queries we had. The planning before and follow up support meant that the course met our unique requirements.”
Senior Leader, Sefton 

“Kate’s background in school data clearly helped her to be able to see potential problems from our point of view and add context to everything delivered, and have a good background knowledge of school data issues, which made the training more appropriate for us and extremely valuable.”
Data Manager, Sheffield 

“I found Kate easy to work with and she made me feel comfortable during the training.”
Data Manager, Stockport 

“Kate was fantastic. Great sense of humour, very knowledgeable and we made great progress by setting up and creating all the assessment for Years 10 & 11. What is even better is that afterwards, without help, I was able to complete Years 7-9.”
Assistant Head Teacher, Cumbria