Supporting CPD and QA during lockdown

I had been looking for a programme that could bring together CPD, Performance Management and Quality Assurance for some time. These areas are intrinsically linked and storing everything in different spreadsheets was both onerous to complete and difficult to analyse. I’d looked at various platforms and when I received details of SISRA Observe through the post it sounded like it did everything I wanted to do. We began with the free trial and the support we received from the SISRA team was excellent.

When it came to lockdown, CPD became a huge priority. We wanted to see the time as an opportunity for colleagues to attend the webinars and do the reading that they ordinarily wouldn’t have had time to do. We also wanted to make sure that all the CPD that was undertaken was evaluated and this is where SISRA Observe came into its own. It combined effectively with the new school CPD website and by using online meetings and screen recordings, we were able to train all colleagues on how to log and evaluate each piece of CPD that they undertook, including whether or not it met their expectations.

Using SISRA Observe, 924 CPD activities undertaken by colleagues at Queen Katharine were evaluated. It complemented the online delivery of CPD and allowed Subject Leaders to monitor exactly what their teams were learning about whilst they were off. It also allowed them to point people towards CPD that had been positively evaluated and from which everyone could benefit.

We are well aware that we have not yet been using SISRA Observe to its full potential. Moving forward, all of our Quality Assurance work and Performance Management work will be moving online. We are very excited about this and the impact it will have for our students.


Jo Hammond, Assistant Principal, T&L, CPD, QA, Queen Katharine Academy, Peterborough