Changing Data Management

We began using SISRA Analytics in September 2016. It was brought in by our new Head and we needed to be up and running almost immediately with it. We were, to be honest, slightly reluctant to change our ways with data management, as we had very effective Excel spreadsheets in place with which we were able to accurately produce all our headline figures and student analysis. However, after some SISRA training and using the guide sheets, we were soon able to have some data in the Legacy area and could immediately see how the speed with which SISRA can produce all of our analysis was going to help our efficiency immensely.

We have found SISRA to be very user friendly in terms of data management. The help guides are very clear to use and by simply working through these we have been able to set up a complete system and get into an efficient routine of using it. The support from SISRA has been great, being very quick to help with any issues and the DataMeets have also been very useful for gaining know-how. We are extremely impressed with how SISRA keeps up-to-date with all National developments and delivers exactly to time on its upgrades.

We have been running both EAP and Legacy areas in tandem. This has enabled us to have different Progress 8 scenarios in place for Year 11, based on 2016 or 2017 points. It is also very quick to see other ‘What If’ situations by reconfiguring and republishing. EAP is more logical to set up, being split out into Students, KS2 and Grades, and much quicker to publish! We have up to 5 data collection points per Year during the year and we are now able to have unchecked data into SISRA within a couple of hours of the collection deadline. This then enables teachers and Heads of Department immediate access to their data for checking purposes, easily spotting any errors, omissions and trends, before we republish checked data.

The possibilities for analysing and viewing data in the EAP area are vast, especially now with the added dashboards and charts
– we are definitely SISRA converts!

Sue Lefley, Data Administrator, The Deepings School