Life After Levels

My school first started using SISRA Online in March 2013 before moving to SISRA Analytics in June 2014. We started using the Analytics EAP mode, which was specifically designed for Life after Levels, in July 2016.

I found EAP mode straightforward to set up, and made use of the materials available in the HELP area, such as the videos and help guides.
My school developed its own KS3 competency grading system which, was easy to set up as EAP mode allows you to create your own bespoke grade methods. Ideal for our grades of Exceptional / Extending / Secure / Developing / Beginning. Previously we had to use Excel which was time consuming and unwieldy.

We were also able to choose to use flat lines as flightpaths too which, was my school’s preference. The EAP area is very similar to Legacy mode in Analytics with regard to uploading data, so this has helped with the transition too and prevented me having to create additional reports and marksheets in SIMS.

We also use EAP mode to analyse ‘Attitude to Learning’ grades which is excellent and has been really useful for my school.

Due to the many recent changes implemented by the DfE, greater understanding is required by data managers, but using SISRA Analytics saves time processing and publishing the analysis compared to other methods. Thank goodness for SISRA help guides which digest the DfE docs into palpable ‘what to do’ guidance!

I am thankful for Jon Williams, SISRA Technical Director and his Webinars as we went through the phased releases too.

Ruth Williams, Data Manager, The Minster School