Improved Ofsted Outcomes


We first started using SISRA Online in 2013 following an Ofsted inspection that had placed us as ‘Requiring Improvement’. One of the actions that came out of this inspection was to improve the tracking and monitoring of assessment data across the school. Previously we had been using the assessment programme within our management information system, and although this generated useful data, it was not being used by staff with any degree of success due to the fact that it was so difficult for them to access.

SISRA Online was a good step forward in that it enabled staff to look at their data far more easily, although this tended to be on a fairly basic level, and was predominantly just by the Senior Leadership Team, Subject Leaders and Heads of House.


SISRA Analytics has enabled another significant step forward in the effectiveness of the tracking and analysis of our data. We now collect Key Stage 4 data monthly. Subject Leaders and Heads of House meet with the Head Teacher each month to discuss changes since the previous month. Target groups are identified and monitored through focus groups, and form tutors have had training in SISRA Analytics to facilitate regular mentoring discussions. We have uploaded a set of FFT estimates, which are used for comparisons when talking to individual students.

In addition to our work at KS4, we have now been working for a year with GCSE Flightpaths for KS3 in place of the National Curriculum levels. These are easily reported and analysed in SISRA Analytics on a termly basis

Last summer we were re-inspected and found to be ‘Good’ with some outstanding features. This was ahead of our summer results but our tracking and analysis of the data in SISRA Analytics allowed us to clearly demonstrate that we understood where our strengths and weaknesses were. Inspectors were satisfied that we had a good grasp of how well our students are doing and that we could clearly demonstrate progress. There is no doubt that SISRA Analytics has been a significant element in securing our school improvement, and has now become an integral and embedded part of our school culture.

Simon Tong, Assistant Head Teacher, Tiverton High School