2021 KS4 Data Collaboration – Teacher-assessed grades

April 20, 2021
By: Dom Byrne, SISRA Analytics Product Manager

This year we intend to expand our Data Collaboration to include schools’ anonymised KS4 Teacher-assessed grades (TAGs), and make these figures available within the Sisra Analytics reports during the internal quality assurance process, in the form of our unique subject value-added measure (SPI). 

We know that schools will have a robust and fair model in place to ensure their students are given the correct Teacher-assessed grades, but there’s always a risk (due to unconscious bias or innate optimism) that occasional, unintentional grade inflation could take place.  Our expanded Data Collaboration means that schools will be able to compare their TAGs with other schools across the country, and cross-reference this data with the school’s figures from previous years, to identify subjects or pupil groups where inflation may have occurred and could therefore prompt increased scrutiny during the external QA process.  This will give schools the time to analyse and discuss the grades awarded, and either reassess them or have the appropriate evidence in place to present to the exam boards. 

Once again there are no performance tables this year, but we will also be producing headline figures for internal analysis and as an extra level of comparison with other schools’ Teacher-assessed grades.  However, these figures are very much secondary to the Qualification figures because the most important thing is ensuring that students get the right grades, which will allow them to progress in their academic career and study qualifications of an appropriate level. 

A note on Scaled Scores figures 

There is currently no guidance from the DfE on the methodology for calculating Scaled Scores prior attainment for Attainment 8 or Value Added (and subsequently our unique SPI as this uses the same prior attainment groups), and it seems likely that we may not get any further information on this until after the DfE have had the chance to analyse the 2022 results.  We are currently working with external experts to determine the best approach and will release full details of our methodology in due course.  

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Dom Byrne, SISRA Analytics Product Manager