What is SISRA Analytics?

SISRA Analytics provides your teaching and administrative staff with easy access to detailed performance data – data that will help to identify underperformance, plan timely interventions and generate school improvement. The interactive and intuitive reports enable staff at all levels, from Class Teacher to Governor, to take immediate ownership of student data and ensure that it leads to insight and impact in the classroom.


SISRA Analytics is the ultimate flexible solution for data tracking.

• Use any ‘life after levels’ assessment system to track progress of KS3 students.
• Base flightpaths on KS2 fine levels, scaled scores, ability bands or FFT/CAT/MIDYIS targets.
• Model Progress 8 scores on 2016 Attainment 8 estimates, 2017 shadow estimates, or your very own.

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White British Boys? SEND students on Free School Meals? Customisable filters enable evaluation of the performance of your choice of student group in a few clicks.

• Multi-select filters enable drill down to very specific groups.
• View attainment and progress for all groups on one page.

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Quick and easy upload and publish means that figures and reports are available almost as soon as the grades are in your management system.

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Fully up to date calculations according to DfE guidelines.

• Attainment 8, Progress 8, Standard and Strong passes in English and Maths, EBacc, Value Added and Academic, Applied General and Tech Level progress, attainment for Key Stage 5 and Level 3 Value Added.

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• Staff can view results from any internet-connected device, on and off site.
• Easy to understand, filterable dashboards and charts.
• Customisable user permissions give staff from new teachers to governors access to appropriate reports only.

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