What is SISRA Analytics?

SISRA Analytics provides your teaching and administrative staff with real-time access to detailed performance data – data that will help to identify underperformance and generate school improvement. Designed specifically to assist with the analysis of various collections of data, from targets and predictions through to termly assessments and final exams, SISRA Analytics has been developed with valued input from our users.


These interactive reports enhance the speed at which you can carry out analysis of performance across Key Stages 3, 4 and 5, giving you and your staff immediate ownership of student data and allowing you to plan appropriate and timely interventions.

  • Online service provided by a trusted market leader
  • Secure, UK-based servers, running 24/7
  • Unlimited users
  • Fully configurable access groups
  • Instant online help for SISRA Analytics administrators


SISRA Analytics is a secure, robust online service. Because it is online, activation is carried out at our offices in Birkenhead and requires no technical expertise within schools. When you sign up to the service, our support team will have your school’s SISRA Analytics environment up and running within an hour or so.

Access is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, from anywhere with internet access. Over the years we’ve heard that teaching staff have accessed SISRA from hotels and beaches around the world…


You upload all data directly into SISRA Analytics. Most schools use Excel as a staging post between their management system (SIMS/CMIS etc.) and SISRA Analytics.

We’ve listed the most common data types below.

  • KS2 Results
  • KS4 and KS5 exam results
  • Estimates (FFT, CATs, MiDYIS, etc)
  • Predictions
  • Ongoing assessments
  • Final forecasts
  • Mock exam results
  • Internal baseline data


As SISRA Analytics is an online service all updates are done seamlessly in the background without any requirement for technical expertise within the school. We keep abreast of changes to DfE guidance and ensure that SISRA Analytics provides accurate, relevant analyses at the touch of a button. We also listen to feature requests from our users and constantly look to enhance the service to keep pace with the ever changing needs of our user base.

Analytics Overview

SISRA Analytics – Features and Benefits