Dynamic and Interactive Reports

SISRA Analytics Reports are dynamic, interactive views of your performance data which can be accessed at any time via a web browser. See all your whole school performance indicators, or view your data by faculty, qualification, teaching group, or at the individual student level. Filter or categorise each view by pupil characteristics like PP status, SEN code, or gender. Compare any assessment point for a cohort against targets, or track progress over time. With SISRA Analytics reports you are in control!


The Headlines report allows you to see how any set of grades you upload would be reported on by the DfE. All the official measures, whether ‘legacy’ or new in 2016, are available here, and you can view summary figures for all the main measures…Read more


The Qualifications report gives you a cross-curriculum view of your grades data for each year group. See the number or percentage of students making 3, 4, or 5 levels of progress…Read more


The Students Report is where you can filter and analyse any group of students from within a cohort. Whether it’s the entire cohort, all students taking a specific qualification or an individual teaching group, this report provides many different views…Read more


Filters can be applied in any report view and allow you to focus on those students meeting particular criteria, or to compare student groups side by side. Up to nineteen different filters…Read more