How can Analytics help you?

Head Teachers and Senior Leadership Team

 Up to date performance figures at a glance

 Attractive and powerful headline dashboards, charts and scatterplots

 Customisable and flexible gap analysis


Middle Leaders

 Tracking your subjects’, classes’ and students’ performance over time

 Easy comparison of performance of vulnerable groups

 Below/on/above track reports enabling quick identification of students for intervention


Class Teachers

 Progress of students in your class and performance against expectations

 Achievement and progress of students within groups

 In-depth information about students’ performance across all their qualifications


Head of Year and Form Tutors

 Overall performance of students in your cohort or form, against expectations

 Easy identification of students underperforming in several of their subjects

 Quick identification of students not meeting headline measures



 Easy to understand headline dashboards and charts

 Filter level reports to track progress of vulnerable groups and compare to peers

 Access to top level data only, not student detail


Data Managers and Examination Officers

 Quick and easy upload of data

 Changes in DfE calculations included automatically

 Exam results analysed with speed and accuracy