How can Analytics help you?

Head Teachers and Senior Leadership Team

To get an overview of the school’s overall progress against targets and to assist in their role as line managers.

 Supports all Target Setting Models.
Examination results analysis.

Data Managers and Examination Officers

To produce analysis of exams, mocks, targets and assessments for the Head Teacher/Principal, Senior Management Team, Governors, LA, DfE, etc.

 Provides analyses of exams, assessments, predictions, estimates and more, all compared to targets.
 Track across six assessment points for any cohort/student.

Middle Leaders

To closely monitor the overall performance of their department, as well as being able to drill down to class and student level.

 Sub-grade analyses (C+, C- etc.) within Key Stage 4 and 5.
 Sub-level based matrices across all KS4 Qualifications.
 Set your own non-core baselines for KS2-4 Progress calculations.

Class Teachers

To inform seating and lesson planning and monitor the progress and attainment of the students they teach.

 Simple report structure: Headlines / Qualifications / Students.
 Friendly cohort identification (e.g. ‘Current Year 9 etc.’).

Head of Year and Form Tutors

To assess the performance of students against targets in their year group or form, so that success can be praised and appropriate interventions can be put in place and monitored.

 Supports and drives intervention strategies.


To help in their role of assisting the Head Teacher and Senior Leadership Team.

 Helps to generate school improvement.