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The most flexible data analysis solution for schools.

Make complicated, time-consuming data analysis a thing of the past. Bringing together pupil progress, performance and pastoral data, SISRA Analytics can be used all year round, making it much more than exam results analysis. Make data across Key Stages 3, 4 & 5 accessible to all staff, whilst simplifying the management process. Upload quickly and easily from any MIS, on any internet-connected device, and give staff access to the information they need through a series of intuitive, easy-to-read reports. No more printing out and sharing various documents and charts, with everything being available in just a few clicks.

Analysis, done.

SISRA Analytics makes the complex task of analysing pupil progress and attainment data a lot simpler. Analysis is done for you. We keep up to date with DfE changes so you don’t have to worry about updating formulae and navigating complex spreadsheets.

SISRA Analytics puts the data in the hands of school staff, from class teacher to Governor, providing them with the information and insight they need to make informed decisions surrounding support, intervention and facilitate improvement. Spend more time working with students, rather than analysing data.

Bespoke grading, just for you

Whatever your approach, the system is fully flexible to meet your needs so you can carry on with the method of your choice, whether it be Mastery, 9-1, percentages, sub grades or something entirely different!

The complete picture

Students are so much more than their latest exam or test results. Our Attitude to Learning (AtL) function allows you to perform in-depth analysis of pastoral data alongside grade data, providing you with greater insight than ever before.

As you’d expect from SISRA Analytics, the AtL function is customisable and flexible, so you can select up to 3 categories for analysis of groups, qualifications, classes or individual students.

Data Collaboration
the power of together

Want to get a feel for your school performance weeks or even months ahead of official figures?

Our Data Collaboration provides you with vital estimates and information weeks in advance of official figures, allowing for meaningful analysis for your summer exams cohorts as well as current KS4 year groups.

The Data Collaboration is:

Compare your Headlines with data collected from over 1,400 other schools, split by gender, disadvantaged and SEN.
All data is anonymised so you don’t need to worry about GDPR.

The most significant development in performance analysis this century!

John Simkin
Information & Data Manager, Shire Oak Academy
Subject Progress Index (SPI)

Unique to SISRA Analytics, SPI compares performance directly against all students with the same KS2 starting point on a subject-by-subject basis – think Subject Progress 8 but better!

Compare student progress or use averages to compare classes, qualification, faculties and more. Not only is this feature useful for comparing your exam performance with our ‘national picture’ but it can also be used to assist you with target setting/checking methodologies.

2019 Data Collaboration Facts and Figures
Over 1,300 schools opted in
Anonymised data from more than 225,000 students
And over 1.9 million grades
Key Features
Support Compatible Safe and secure Automatic updates Results day made easier Always accessible

Comprehensive help section full of guides and checklists, plus integrated online support for admins.


Quick and easy uploads from any MIS. As long as the data can be exported as a csv file, you will be able to upload it to SISRA Analytics.

Safe and secure

GDPR compliant. Click here to read the privacy policy

Automatic updates

No more waiting around for manual software updates. We take care of all DfE updates for you too.

Results day made easier

Smooth upload and quick publishing time so you can view key Headline figures on interactive charts.

Always accessible

Web-based so you can access the system whenever you need, from any internet-enabled device.

How can SISRA Analytics help you?
Head Teachers & Senior Leaders
Middle Leaders
Class Teachers
Head of Year & Form Tutors
Data Managers & Examination Officers
Independent & International schools
  • Up-to-date performance figures at a glance
  • Attractive and powerful headline dashboards, charts and scatterplots
  • Customisable and flexible gap analysis


Affordable set fees. No mid-agreement price increases so you can manage your budget.


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Still want to know more?

If you still need more information on SISRA Analytics our FAQs will be able to answer any questions you have.

  • What is EAP Mode?

    EAP stands for Expected Attainment Pathway and is the Life after Levels solution within SISRA Analytics.

  • How many users can we have?

    You may have as many users as you wish. We actively encourage you to add all staff and even governors as a user so that they may easily analyse performance at their leisure. The amount of users has NO IMPACT on the cost of the service.

  • How much does it cost?

    SISRA Analytics is a very affordable online service. To discuss our fees further please call our team on +44 (0) 151 650 6995.

  • Is SISRA Analytics secure?

    Yes, we use encryption provided by GlobalSign EV SSL certificates to ensure maximum protection for your data. For more information please see our data security page

  • Can we compare performance to targets?

    Yes. All data sets can be compared to another.

Don’t just take our word for it

This is what our community says about us

Sandbach High School & Sixth Form College
By using SISRA Analytics to ensure that all students are being challenged and making the best possible progress, the impact on the school performance as a whole will be unmistakable.
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Highfields School
Results Days are now ‘easy’. SISRA Analytics will analyse first and best results separately and allows us to make direct comparisons with projections and to analyse trends.
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Eggar’s School
On Results Day, SISRA Analytics comes into its own. Data can be input easily and quickly, giving us instant headline stats. The system has also given us instant accurate value-added scores
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Alsager School
GCSE exam results day demonstrated SISRA Analytics’ capabilities perfectly: by 11am, the grades were analysed, SLT had met and some were able to get back to their holidays!
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Advance Learning Partnership
Advance Learning Partnership have chosen SISRA Analytics as the data analysis solution within our trust as we believe it is the most effective and efficient data analysis system currently available for secondary schools.
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