Prior to joining SISRA, John had a varied and interesting career path. Following a practical apprenticeship in plumbing after leaving school, his love of both computers and music led him to study the technology of engineering in musical recording. Whilst still a personal passion, his career path deviated towards data analysis, first for a utilities maintenance organisation, and then for a premier solicitors.

John started his journey into the world of education at a Manchester school in 2013, working in a small data and exams department with a focus on using SISRA Analytics for the school’s data analysis. During his time there he perfected the school’s use of SISRA, as well as becoming an adept user of SIMS for data and exams purposes.

John has developed and delivered many in-house training programmes on the use of SISRA Analytics. This experience and knowledge of the system opened the door for John to join the consultancy team at SISRA in April 2017, covering schools across North West England, Yorkshire, and Derbyshire.